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"Your Home Based Income Leading Resource For Wealth Creation Information"

I'm sure you'll Discover the Fantastic Potential that Package-101 Offers, in securing for yourself an effective "Home Based Passive Income". Finally...amongst all the hype and re-hashed promises...there arises a Simple Yet Effective Internet Marketing Business that can bring your dreams into the 21st Century, without affecting the quality of time you need to spend with your friends, partner and family.

Quite the contrary. You can leverage your time, and provide others with the path to success at the same time. Culminating in an explosive Six or Seven Figure Income that will leave your associates wanting to know "How You Did It"...and so fast too!                              

Brett Young
Wealth Corp Strategic Securities Limited

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The Package-101

Affiliate Program Opportunity

Promoting Package-101 Makes Sense For Two Reasons

You'll assist us to help others in their struggle...whatever that may be. Wealth Corp will Donate 10%, increasing as time goes on, of all funds accumulated from all sales, for worthwhile charities around the world. As an International Internet Community, we can do far more through the collective responses of our Affiliates than what we could possibly achieve on our own.

You'll Build for Yourself a dynamic 'passive income' that will bring great rewards. Spend more time with your family and friends. You'll have more time for Recreational Sports and Hobbies. You'll have a 'Great Passive Income', through building your own dedicated list of Clients who will purchase products and Services from us at the 'backend'. That is to say, sales that are made after the initial Package-101 Purchase. You may wish to Will this to your Family or Friends, and thus provide them with Financial Security too!

The Affiliate Payment Structure

  We have a 2 Tier Affiliate Program. You can Earn Cash through both of these 2 Levels.
 Below are the Current Royalty Payouts for Sales made at these 2 Levels.

Level One

  • Level 1 Sales; are all those made by you, through you Promoting Your Own Affiliate Links.
  • We Pay 60% Commission on All Level 1 Sales
  • Gold Membership Commission= $29.97 U.S

    Level Two

  • Level 2 Sales; are all those made by any of the Affiliates that You Signed up Below You.
  • We Pay 30% Commission on All Level 2 Sales
  • Gold Membership Commission= $14.99 U.S

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    "An Introduction To Package-101 - A Chance For Every Individual To Succeed!"


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